I am satisfied

Earlier this year I realised: I don’t want to receive birthday gifts or Christmas gifts any more. Below: the words of an old friend as inspiration and explanation. I add a couple of personal comments to the end.

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A Tale of Two Perspectives

It’s funny. He’s always been there, but it’s only over the last couple of years that I’ve consciously heard him, realized he exists. It’s the little voice, sitting on my shoulder, assessing and judging. Assessing and judging you. Assessing and judging me.

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The best financial decision I ever made

When Katie and I started going out, and for a long time afterwards, we lived apart. At first that just made sense (you don’t move in with someone three days after meeting them) and later it was a necessity, while I was working in London and she was finishing her doctorate in Oxford. Overall, long distance and living apart is rubbish, but it did mean that we managed to avoid all the thorny financial decisions that being in a relationship normally brings for much longer than you’d expect.

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