Me, a parent: A manifesto

How can I be a good parent? Who should I be to be a good parent? What does it even mean to be a good parent? For the last 8 months especially, these are all questions I’ve been thinking about a lot. And, with any luck, in the coming years, I might unearth some answers.

Of course, it’s relatively easy to just think about it. Actually writing it down is much harder, and posting it on the internet for all to see is even worse. After all, I could be wrong. Or – infinitely worse – I might fail to live up to the standards I set myself. But as Cialdani shows, publicly putting a stake in the ground only increases the odds I will succeed. And I’d rather have better chances than unembarrassing failure. On that note…

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Me: A manifesto

Many many years ago, I sat down and thought about what my values were and how I should live my life. That is the historic context to this post. And it is historic, because it was a long time ago, and they were useful, but not in the most difficult or complex situations, so soon I did not consciously use them at all. But now it feels like its time to refresh them, recommit publicly and make myself accountable. That’s this post.

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My favourite photo

It’s a noisy, pixelated image, like a bad piece of modern art. Streaks of pink and green and orange run vertically against a smeary, mostly black background. Positioned about half way down the orange streak,the only other feature to the photo: a small dot, perhaps a touch brighter and more distinct than any other speckle of noise. It’s barely recognisable as a photo of anything. But it’s my favourite photo, has been for years and will be forever.

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