My one secret trick to 5:2 fasting and regular running…

So a short while back (erm, January 2015) I promised an update on fasting. This post isn’t it. Instead I want to share my retrospectively obvious tip for consistently doing both each week: Do them on the same days. If I run, I fast. If I fast, I run.

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“I can think. I can wait. I can fast.”

Of everything that I gained from studying at Oxford, my friendship with Alex, Akshat and Xiao is one I truly treasure. When we were all in one place it was incredible, and now that we’ve scattered ourselves across 3 or 4 time zones I still look forward to our monthly video chats with excitement. One recent weekend, we all met to talk about a single novel. What was going on?

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My mobile makes my life infinitely better. Does yours?

My smartphone is amazing. It checks my email, lets me Skype my friends and, with the combined power of GPS and apps using OpenStreetMap, it mostly stops me getting lost. But as well as making my life easier and more convenient, it ultimately makes it better too. And I’m not talking about Angry Birds or Instragram. I’m talking about apps that help me eat better, be happier and wake up refreshed and full of energy.

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