The Golden Orb of Happy High Confidence

Everyone has a Golden Orb, a Golden Orb of Happy High Confidence. Everyone. You have one, you just have to find it, and once you have found it then it will be there for you whenever you want it or need it. Here is one way you can find it.

You are walking casually, normally. Maybe you’re heading out to buy some lunch or maybe you’re walking to catch the train to get to work.

Just concentrate for now on walking and feeling relaxed.

Slowly, you will become aware of a small, glowing golden speck in front of you, level with your heart and flitting about like a firefly.

This little golden speck stays with you, about a foot from your chest, just at the periphery of your vision as you walk. You sense its happiness and comfort. It likes to be with you.

A minute passes, and the speck settles and steadies, now hovering a constant distance from your chest and glowing brighter and brighter. Slowly it grows to the size of a small orange. It shimmers with its own golden light and the passing world is reflected, distorted but golden on its curved surface.

More time passes. Another minute while you walk. Slowly, almost imperceptibly so, the orb has grown to the size of a football. It’s golden glow has softened and matured, you can feel its warmth and heft from a distance, an orb of liquid gold floating just in front of your chest. Warm, but not too hot, sparkling, shimmering and slowly rotating, reflecting you and the world with a golden touch.

You can feel the calm, happy warmth of your golden orb. It’s golden light shines softly on you and all around you. You have found your golden orb, and it will be with you always. Slowly, it drifts towards you, merging seamlessly and smoothly into your body so that its light and warmth remain inside you.

Notice how you are walking, how you feel. You have found your Golden Orb of Happy High Confidence. Whenever you need to see it you can always bring it back, have it float from your chest to rest in front of you, but it will always be there, warm and bright inside you.

What do you think?

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