Intelligence is a skill. One that anyone can learn.

Actually, I tell a lie. Intelligence is not just one skill, but rather a collection of closely related skills and habits. Skills and habits that anyone can learn. Really? Isn’t that a rather bold statement? I say not at all – but an explanation might be helpful. What do you think?

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My mobile makes my life infinitely better. Does yours?

My smartphone is amazing. It checks my email, lets me Skype my friends and, with the combined power of GPS and apps using OpenStreetMap, it mostly stops me getting lost. But as well as making my life easier and more convenient, it ultimately makes it better too. And I’m not talking about Angry Birds or Instragram. I’m talking about apps that help me eat better, be happier and wake up refreshed and full of energy.

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Dodging Sleep II

[This is version 2 of the essay I had on an old version of my other site, updated with some new insight]

Sleep is wonderful, but there is so much else (Mandarin, FiloThought, reading, dancing, thinking, blogging, writing, work, walking, exercise and more) and it’s all so wonderful too, so sleeping’s actually quite a low priority for me. A bit like house work actually – it has to be done, but I don’t want to spend more time on it than I have to. That’s the goal then: To sleep as little as is sustainably possible.

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