A first try at playing the Big Long Game

The Big Long Game is pretty big: Everyone’s life, the future of the planet, the future of the solar system, and winning is the simple problem of humanity surviving and prospering. Forever. It certainly sounds ambitious, but actually I still don’t understand what it would mean or what we could do, so this post is an attempt to clear up my own thinking.

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My favourite photo

It’s a noisy, pixelated image, like a bad piece of modern art. Streaks of pink and green and orange run vertically against a smeary, mostly black background. Positioned about half way down the orange streak,the only other feature to the photo: a small dot, perhaps a touch brighter and more distinct than any other speckle of noise. It’s barely recognisable as a photo of anything. But it’s my favourite photo, has been for years and will be forever.

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Books that transformed me

I read a bit, as much as my spare time allows. Some of the books are good, some are just a poor investment of time. But very rarely, and almost always a surprise, some of the books are massively transformational and completely change the way I think about an important part of my life. As a list for my own record and because these books might also be helpful for you, here are the one that changed me the most. What books have transformed your life? Please post in the comments, because I’m always looking for more!

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